Our Approach

Our company was built on a rock solid foundation of truth and honesty that has kept our business partners throughout our decades of growth. We have a family friendly culture that allows us to know our clients by name. We know what it's like to be the little guy, and we are champion for the little guy.

Our Story

SAS Mining was founded by David and Sherry Stodghill and their sons, Christopher, David, Michael, and Joshua. SAS Mining's sales and marketing is lead by James Curry. The scale house and daily operations are ran by Donna Durkalec and Hannah Stodghill.

Meet the Team

Entrepreneurial grit and hard work is what this team of talented individuals brings to the table everyday.

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David Stodghill

Founder & CEO

Starting up the mine and running the day-to-day operations keeps this company running like a well oiled machine.

SAS Mining Logo

James Curry

VP of Sales

A passion and energy with the vision to grow and scale the operation.

Next Steps...

Come visit us at 5502 W. Table Mesa Rd - New River, AZ 85075 or give us a call at 602-400-6987.